Autumn 2011

TenCate geosynthetics for extension airport Ain Arnat

Three types geosynthetics have been used in extending the runway of the international airport Ain Arnat in Sétif (Algeria). More than 100,000 m² of non-wovens, wovens and geogrids have been used in realizing a sustainable and cost-efficient solution. Furthermore TenCate has offered technical support.

Ain Arnat (Sétif International Airport) is located 200 km southeast of Algiers, the capital of Algeria. To enable following generations of large aircraft to land and take off, it is necessary to extend the runway to 3200 metres. The soft soils in the low-lying area where the extension is to be carried out is a critical issue. To ensure the safe behaviour of the embankments (up to 13 m high), it was decided to use TenCate geosynthetics: 33,000 m² of TenCate Bidim® non-woven (for drainage trenches and blankets to prevent clogging); 34,000 m² of TenCate Geolon® wovens (as strong reinforcement at the embankment base); and 40,000 m² of TenCate Miragrid geogrid (to increase stress diffusion on fills).

On delivery during the course of 2012, the extension of the Ain Arnat runway will serve as a good reference for future comparable technical applications.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)