Autumn 2014

TenCate receives members of Defence knowledge network

On Thursday 12 June TenCate Advanced Armour played host to members of the Protection & Safety knowledge network of Defence / TNO. The meeting took place in the Factory of the Future at the Nijverdal-Noord site.

The knowledge network Protection & Safety is one of the seventeen defence networks in which specific knowledge, information and developments are exchanged between Defence and the related knowledge institutes. The knowledge network (KNW) is composed of people who are closely involved in the Netherlands with protection and safety – ‘defence-wide,’ according to Wilfred Sluyter (sales director TenCate Advanced Composites EMEA): ‘from the army and air force to the navy and TNO. All knowledge at the disposal of Defence is tested by TNO. They chart the market possibilities and match these with the needs. If a request for proposal comes in, they then provide the input for the package of requirements. In the case of such a request, potential providers are asked to submit a proposal regarding delivery through a tendering procedure.

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The KNW Protection & Safety meets together twice a year, when a mix of theory and practice is the goal. The latest developments in the industry are also discussed. It was with this basic idea in mind that TenCate was approached to facilitate a KNW meeting at the Nijverdal plant. And that’s what happened – the forty visitors were welcomed to the Factory of the Future, a professionally arranged space for receptions and informative meetings. On 12 June Wilfred Sluyer gave a general presentation on what TenCate does in the area of protection and safety. His colleague Jean Beugels (programme manager Aerospace) dealt with protection solutions in greater detail, including the TenCate ABDS® active blast countermeasure system. Sales manager Gerrit Isselman stressed that ‘These days all the TenCate protection solutions, including TenCate Defender™ M, are interconnected.’

3 kennisnetwerk 3158
Hendrik Jan van Wezel addressing the guests

Part of the visit was dedicated to a private inspection of the digital inkjet machine, when Hendrik Jan van Wezel (sales manager) initiated the visitors into the technology of digital finishing. They were clearly impressed by the potential and flexibility of the digital process – especially when a group photo taken shortly before was printed in large format, followed by a camouflage print in the same run. ‘People could see that TenCate is engaged with smart materials and with what they can do now and in the future. They were very interested in all this.’

3 kennisnetwerk 3182
Surprised faces on seeing the group photo on outdoor fabric 

The guests were impressed by the wide range of protection and safety solutions offered by TenCate: from fabrics and soft and hard armour for personal protection (uniforms and vests) and vehicles to armour for helicopters and ships.
‘It was a very successful well-attended gathering, and I would like to offer my sincere thanks to TenCate and in particular  to Wilfred Sluyter and his people,’ said Colonel Gert Schijvenaars afterwards. According to the head of the section Weapon Systems and Life Cycle Management of the department Ground-Based Weapon Systems ‘the knowledge network was able to familiarize itself with the progress of defence research in the area of protection and fire power, as well as discuss the protection road map and the up-to-datedness of Task Force C-IED. We can look back on a very productive day, when everyone travelled home completely satisfied.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)