Spring 2015

TigerTurf: LIFE in a fun way

Under the name Learning in fun environments (LIFE), TigerTurf offers a range of colourful synthetic turf products designed specifically for playgrounds, pre-schools and primary schools. 

They encourage children in the development of their skills for a variety of activities, games and sports.  The synthetic turf systems were developed to offer children a lively, playful and instructive place where they can become familiar with the alphabet, numbers, sports and games, and team dynamics in a fun way. 

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These are durable, shock-absorbent surfaces on a synthetic turf base with images, numbers, letters, logos and the layout for games. They are available in green, blue, yellow, red, white and black. The synthetic turf surfaces can be installedboth indoors and outdoors and are suitable for intensive use. They are playable in all weather conditions, so there’s never a problem of the play areas or sports surfaces being muddy or wet after a heavy downpour. 

1 tigerturf Junior Junction

The surfaces are easy to clean and require little maintenance. Unique surface The design options and combinations of synthetic turf are endless. Each school or pre-school can thus have its own unique surface designed and installed, and even have its own logo incorporated into it. 

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These are inviting and inspiring play areas. This is also borne out by the positive reactions from teachers, parents and children. Installation is carried out by recognized, professional installers. 

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