Spring 2015

Sport and recreation: safe and sustainable

TenCate is focusing on the growing need for protection of people and their working and living environments: when we are on the move (In transit), at home (In habitats), at work (At work) and when we are playing sports or enjoying time out for recreation (During leisure). 

When it comes to leisure or free-time activities, it’s mainly a question of sport and recreation. TenCate serves this end market via four market groups: TenCate Outdoor Fabrics and TenCate Grass, and to a more modest extent TenCate Advanced Composites and TenCate Geosynthetics. 

1 grass emmen feyenoord

There’s a good chance that anyone who spends his or her free time camping, walking or playing sport will come across TenCate materials. For the end market sport and recreation the material technology concern develops and produces synthetic turf (sport and landscaping) and outdoor fabrics (camping tents and awnings), composite materials for sports articles, and geosynthetics for recreational purposes. TenCate incorporates special characteristics (functionalities) into these materials based on the worldwide trends ‘safety’ and ‘sustainability’.

1 grass hockey

GreenFields® TX has attracted the interest of a large number of national hockey associations as a result of profiling during last summer’s world championships in The Hague.

Leisure activities and sports require safe and sustainable facilities. High-grade outdoor fabrics offer protection against sun, UV radiation, rain, fire, wind, snow and unwelcome visibility. Synthetic turf saves on water consumption and maintenance, prevents injuries and creates an even playing field. 

1 outdoor tipitent

A tepee based on TenCate Campshield™

Outdoor recreation, such as camping, is perhaps the most widely pursued leisure activity. Camping gives a feeling of freedom and appeals to growing environmental awareness. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics operates especially in the higher segments of both the camping and awning markets. The outdoor fabrics from Nijverdal are used in awnings, group tents, dome tents, tepees, parasols, terrace canopies, porches and a number of specialties for both private use and tour operators and festival organizers.

The market for synthetic turf continues to grow worldwide, not only for sport but also for landscaping. The demand for high-grade fibres, backing, infill and sports systems is picking up, and more attention is being given to quality and the ‘look & feel’ of landscaping projects. New (woven or tufted) synthetic turf systems for top-flight sport, such as GreenFields® TX for hockey and GreenFields® MX for football, have set a new standard.  

1 grass xtra grass

TenCate XtraGrass™

Dutch professional football is expressing more interest in synthetic turf. This interest is being translated into a growing number of orders for synthetic turf systems and the XtraGrass™ system of GreenFields for both professional and amateur football. XtraGrass™ is a hybrid system, consisting of synthetic grass fibres and biodegradable fibres. XtraGrass™ is a patented, 100% recyclable synthetic turf system that can be tailored to fit any football ground.  

1 geosynthetics trampoline

Geosynthetics and composite materials are also used in the application field ‘During leisure’. For example TenCate Geosynthetics also manufactures trampoline fabric, fabrics for swimming pool covers, windscreens, and fencing for privacy purposes and crowd control. Composite materials form part of the bodywork of racing and sports cars, as well as vehicles and boats powered by solar energy and other sustainable sources of energy. In addition composites are used in golf articles, sports shoes, tennis rackets, bicycles, hockey sticks, skates etc.

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