Spring 2015

Aerospace: ambitions and innovations

TenCate Advanced Composites was one of the co-organizers of a seminar in Beijing on ‘research, development and use of lightweight materials in the product life cycle of aircraft’. Minister Henk Kamp expressed his firm support for the Dutch aerospace sector and its added value for China. ‘The ambitious goals that China has for its growing aerospace industry are an excellent match for the dedication of the Dutch aerospace industry to innovation.’ 

On 27 January 2015 the first PIB China Aviation seminar was held as part of the D2RAGON programme in the Dutch Embassy in Beijing. The name stands for Dutch Development & Research in Aeronautics supported by Government Organized Network in China. PIB China Aviation is a part of the Partners in International Business programme, in which the Dutch government helps clusters of companies and knowledge institutions to develop new markets. 

The Netherlands and China are no strangers to each other in the field of aerospace: there has been collaboration in both aircraft manufacturing and infrastructure and facilities for almost twenty years. It is the ambition of the Dutch aerospace industry to extend this collaboration, this partnership, said the Minister. The clear and ambitious goals of China for its growing aerospace industry fit in perfectly with the ‘expanded aerospace integration, research and development infrastructure of the Dutch aerospace industry and its dedication to innovation’. 

1 raoul starmans

Raoul Starmans

‘Thanks to the presentation as a strong network of the Dutch aerospace industry, participating companies can build on each other’s strengths’, is how Raoul Starmans (business development manager, Greater China of TenCate Advanced Composites) outlined the importance of this meeting. ‘By combining our resources, we are expressly bringing our products to the attention of China’s commercial airlines. In China government-to-government networks and agreements are extremely important. Thermoplastics from TenCate are a key selling point for Dutch material and processing technology for the Chinese commercial aerospace industry.’ 

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