Spring 2015

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics: distinctive capability

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is in the vanguard of the camping and awning market when it comes to trends and technological innovation. This is due to its response to the latest market developments and the application − for some time now − of digital inkjet technology. 

So this market group helps customers to distinguish themselves in the market. High priority is given to direct contact with customers and end-users. 

1 outdoor tulpentent

A tent in your own design

Awnings, trailer tents, group tents, family and lodge tents, tour operator and glamping tents, tepees, festival tents … there seems no end to the kinds of tent for which TenCate Outdoor Fabrics supplies the fabrics. TenCate has been developing and producing woven and finished materials for the recreation market for decades, thus amassing a wealth of know-how and experience. There are outdoor fabrics for end products for the professional market, as well products for the private market. TenCate can offer each customer exclusive weaving patterns and designs.  

1 outdoor festipi

A new development in the world of tents is the Festipi – the tipi tent for music and other festivals. It is a sustainable concept. The tent can be erected in three minutes, provides cooling through air circulation and supplies solar energy for recharging smartphones.

TenCate Outdoor Fabrics responds to trends in the camping market, such as glamping, the demand for fire resistance, and distinctive capability: the need for personalization, for example for festival tents. Hence the increasing use of digital printing as well as finishing for outdoor fabrics. In the first instance this applies to tents for tour operators, glamping tents, festival and group tents and outdoor awnings for the consumer market. For years TenCate has supplied cloth to awning manufacturers for the private market in particular, mainly in Southern Europe. Strategically awnings are a more important market for TenCate Outdoor Fabrics.  

1 outdoor klantendag

At TenCate Outdoor Fabrics customers' day 

In the United States – traditionally a country of campers and mobile homes – people are beginning to discover camping. Together with Tentipi, TenCate Outdoor Fabrics wants to enter the North American market, and with this in mind they have jointly developed a fire-resistant coating. In Asia camping is continuing to gain in popularity, and the number of camping sites in Japan, Korea and China is rising. As a member of the Holland Camping Group (in which TenCate customer Karsten Tents is also active), TenCate is already targeting the Far East. Traditionally Europe has many campers and here TenCate Outdoor Fabrics enjoys not only a good market position but above all a close customer relationship.  

Even though all tent manufacturers process TenCate fabric, they wish to continue to distinguish themselves from one another. Specific weaving patterns and designs fulfil this wish. In addition camping tour operators and festival organizers want to realize greater variation and target group personalization on camping sites in Europe. Digital inkjet technology makes it possible to offer them small series and exclusive designs, as well as to incorporate customer-specific characteristics. 

1 outdoor herman rob

Rob Verver (right) and Herman Klompenmaker, respectively business development manager and marketing and sales manager of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics

‘Blue, white and shades of grey have dominated in this market for years,’ says Herman Klompenmaker, marketing and sales manager of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics. ‘The market is looking for change; it can be more colourful. Kip Caravans recently came along with Shelter, a series of caravans in different colours. This offers opportunities, because with digital printing technology you can make a matching awning or porch. Digital technologies now make it possible for our customers to compile their own collections.  Patterns and designs can now be devised with much greater freedom. Consequently tent manufacturers will be able to show much more creativity and boldness in their tent designs, while camping tour operators will be able to tailor the camping atmosphere to the target groups that hire their tents. Through tuning, printing and finishing, we can tailor the appearance of the tent cloth to customer or target group.’   

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