Spring 2015

‘Contributions to sport and sporting experiences’

On 12 November last Johan Cruijff, Ton Raaphorst (director of TenCate Grass EMEA) and Carole Thate, in her function as director of the Johan Cruyff Foundation, put their signatures to the agreement in which TenCate and the Foundation will continue and intensify their collaboration.

The collaboration between TenCate and the Foundation began in 2003. Since then TenCate as partner has supported the objectives of the Johan Cruyff Foundation: to offer children a safe and sustainable place both to play sports and to promote sporting and social integration. Thanks to the Cruyff Courts, children have the opportunity to enjoy playing sports in safety.

1 grass cruijff raaphorst

Johan Cruijff (left) and Ton Raaphorst

‘I see our collaboration with the Cruyff Foundation in far broader terms than just the making of synthetic turf playing surfaces’, says Ton Raaphorst on behalf of TenCate Grass. ‘As a sports-related company we belong on the social stage and we are working at promoting sports and sporting experiences, school playground improvement, sports for the disabled and a better living environment in towns and cities  by improving sports opportunities in deprived areas. The fact that this results in pitches is great, but the CSR character is at least as important for TenCate.'

1 grass cruyff court NL

'Our aim is also to be able to contribute to sports and sporting experiences. We seek increasingly to reach sportsmen and women. What they find important has the highest priority for us.’  

The Foundation created by Johan Cruyff is one of the societal and sporting initiatives set up by the former football star when he ended his active career. The work this non-profit organization is engaged in includes supporting sports projects for both disabled and able-bodied children and young people and the installation of modern synthetic turf playing surfaces: Cruyff Courts. Ten Cate developed the sustainable, wear-resistant TenCate XP Blade™ fibre and TenCate Thiobac Pro® C18 backing specially for these playing surfaces. On these surfaces both children and adults can play sports intensively. 

1 grass cruyff foundation ton carole

Carole Thate (who stopped working as director of the Cruyff Foundation and continues as the general manager of The World of Johan Cruyff) and Ton Raaphorst. TenCate Grass would like to thank Carole Thate for the many years of enjoyable and constructive collaboration in achieving their joint objectives. 

1 grass cruyff court saba

In numerous countries across the world there are now some 160 Cruyff Courts. Pictured is a Cruyff Court in Saba.

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