Summer 2015

Composites - Formula 1, a highly demanding market

TenCate Advanced Composites in Langley Mill (England) now offers Formula 1 racing a complete range of materials and resin systems for this highly demanding application. In the midst of other providers, the company presents itself as an innovative and experienced material supplier. 

Thermoset prepregs and resin systems from the English facility of TenCate Advanced Composites for mould construction (for manufacturing large composite structures) are applied especially in Formula 1 and sports cars and the automotive industry. The Formula 1 market imposes stringent demands, with some 20% of the approximately 5,000 components of a racing car being replaced after a race.

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Thermoset prepregs are among the products manufactured at Langley Mill. A prepreg consists of a reinforcement (a thin layer of fabric made of glass, carbon or aramid fibre, for example) which is impregnated with a resin such as epoxy or cyanate ester. 

Resins can be applied as coating and in combination with glass and carbon fibres. Prepregs are used for the lamination and shaping of layered composite components. 

Among the products produced by the TenCate workforce in England are three new thermoset prepregs for the Formula 1 market: TenCate E745, TenCate E750 and TenCate E760. These are epoxy resin systems for respectively impact structures (reinforcement against impact) and other mechanically demanding body parts. The E745 system is applied in the nose of a car, while further examples of applications of these prepregs include the suspension, brake lines, gearboxes, bedplates and monocoque. The E760 system is eminently suitable for use in mechanically demanding structural applications that are exposed to high temperatures, such as in the case of Formula 1 and high-grade automotive performances. 


TenCate Advanced Composites is not the only manufacturer of thermoset materials for this sector. The demands imposed by the Formula 1 market are particularly high and there are only a handful of suppliers that can offer this level of support and materials. The facility of TenCate Advanced Composites in Langley Mill distinguishes itself from other suppliers through its high level of service, its involvement as far as possible in the design and development from the very beginning, and its TenCate AmberTool® composite tooling capabilities. For example, one team makes use of TenCate materials for the qualification of its racing cars. TenCate Advanced Composites presents itself as an innovative material supplier with a long track record in Formula 1 motorsport. 

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