Summer 2015

TenCate Accorder®: innovation in synthetic turf systems

TenCate Accorder® is a new, efficient and environment-friendly concept for the installation of synthetic turf systems. In terms of idea, design, engineering, material and production, this is entirely a TenCate development. 

TenCate Grass aims not only to supply synthetic turf components and systems, but also where possible to offer an easy-to-install total solution. This is because the quality and performance of a synthetic turf system are partly determined by such factors as substrate and installation. TenCate Grass has therefore introduced TenCate Accorder® , an innovative, easy-to-install concept for the base layer of synthetic turf pitches. It also ensures a reduction in the total cost of ownership: all the costs that are involved in the purchase of a synthetic turf pitch.

grass tencate accorder 00951

TenCate Accorder® being installed

The installation of synthetic turf pitches entails a great deal of preparatory digging work, transport (transporting materials for the base layer) and thus environmental impact. Within the grass group they had for some time had the idea of developing a smarter and easy-to-install method for providing sound foundations for synthetic turf pitches. ‘A synthetic turf pitch is built like a motorway’, explains Frans Harmeling of TenCate Grass. By this he is referring in part to the fact that countless trucks have to be used for the removal of the many cubic metres of material that are dug up and for the supply of other materials. ‘This can be done better, much faster, more efficiently and in a more environment-friendly way, which will reduce the total cost of ownership.’ And that is precisely what happened. Under his leadership and in collaboration with GreenFields and the R&D department of Ten Cate Thiobac, the product TenCate Accorder® was developed.

grass tencate accorder frans harmeling

Frans Harmeling (TenCate Grass)

Production on the high-tech machine is now being carried out at TenCate Grass in Nijverdal. This is where the basic fabric is also being made. In addition to its use for sports pitches and landscaping, we are studying in consultation with TenCate Geosynthetics the possibilities for its use in civil engineering – for example for embankments and for roads on building sites (new residential areas, wind farms). ‘So all in all it is a great new product, with much potential, that was entirely developed by TenCate.’

grass tencate accorder veld

TenCate Accorder® as the base for a synthetic turf pitch
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