Summer 2015

Langley Mill: excellence in thermoset

The Langley Mill plant (Nottingham, United Kingdom) of TenCate Advanced Composites will become the centre of excellence in Europe for thermoset materials and systems.  When it comes to processes and products, the Langley Mill facility will be brought up to the same technological level as that of its sister companies in Morgan Hill and Fairfield (California, USA).  

In view of the planned growth, investments are being made not only in new products and resin systems but also in additional means of production and capacity for materials based on fabrics and UD tape. These materials are applied in markets in which TenCate Advanced Composites UK has been operating for years, such as Formula 1 racing, and the automotive and industrial markets. What’s more, all this will mean the European aerospace, satellite and radome markets can be better supported. The production of a number of materials for the aviation industry that are manufactured at Morgan Hill (US) will then be carried out here, and the relevant qualification processes are currently in progress. At the same time tooling systems based on those in the UK will be installed in the US.  

langley mill excellence thermoset

The production area in Langley Mill will be substantially increased to accommodate the additional capacity and machinery − bearing in mind the growth in the number of employees as well. The production company will be organized in accordance with the stringent demands imposed on manufacturing environments by the aerospace market. The expansion and modernization of the British facility of TenCate Advanced Composites will be completed by the end of 2015.

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