Autumn 2015

The value proposition of personal protection

Through its development of protective fabrics for reliable, comfortable and durable personal protective equipment, TenCate Protective Fabrics – together with the TenCate Advanced Armour market group – helps military personnel and police officers who have to operate under high-risk conditions. Good personal protection can make a difference during military operations, peace missions and police activities. 

Military troops, mobile units and regular police forces deserve the best possible protection to enable them to operate to maximum effect and to make a difference in military operations, peace missions or while maintaining public order. The success of their efforts depends on physical, mental and knowledge aspects. These professionals are specifically trained, well supported and have been given the right skills. Their protective equipment is a factor in this.  

A question of confidence 

The main concern is that military personnel and police offers feel safe and have complete confidence in their protective equipment, so that they can concentrate on their mission or assignment. The business side of the decision to purchase protective materials requires low costs, a very low delivery risk and long lifespan. It is the total package that determines whether a solution provides sufficient added value. In order to determine the entire value proposition of personal protection (personal protective equipment), Willy van Kampen, end use market manager, Military & Police at TenCate Protective Fabrics EMEA, and Gerrit Isselman, sales manager, personal armour at TenCate Advanced Composites EMEA, identify a number of aspects of the value proposition. For this they use the Value Proposition Canvas from Strategyzer 


(Picture: Cpt. Lachlan Simond)

Customer job 

What are the tasks and activities of the customer, end-user or purchaser? What needs and problems is he trying to solve?  Attaining the set military goals is a must for the user, so maximum protection is essential. For the military organisation as purchaser, other important factors include flexibility and reliability of delivery, durability in use and low costs during product lifespan. Having the confidence of the general public and status are important for the political position. 

Customer gains 

What results does the customer want to achieve from his tasks and operations? These customer gains highlight all the benefits, needs and expectations of the  military customer or end-user. These may be personal, functional or economic.  The military organisation is satisfied if their goal is reached and the troops return safely and require no further physical, medical or mental treatment. What is important to the end-user at a personal level of is that he/she as a soldier is back safely (at the camp or the home base), is not wounded or crippled and has achieved his/her personal goals.  In addition to its quality and functionalities, a well-fitting, attractive uniform also adds to the professional appearance of the  troops. It facilitates their deployability and increases their ability to work with other armies or units.  

Gain creators  

What is it that ensures that the customer achieves this result? The gain creators indicate how the protective solutions provide added value for the military customer. For the protective solutions from TenCate the watchword is: protecting people with materials that make a difference. The main gain creators are increased comfort for the end-user and flexibility of delivery for the customer. In addition to functional protection, it is comfort in particular that plays a decisive role in the quality of work carried out, often under extremely demanding conditions. A soldier operates in a variety of scenarios, from -30°C to +45°C, with varying levels of humidity, etc. When it comes to military and police organisations, the required flexibility relates above all to needs and expectations relating to characteristics, camouflage patterns and finishes. For TenCate as a supplier of materials it is therefore important that it can respond flexibly to changing customer requirements, for example for spontaneous military missions or peace operations.   

Customer pains 

Customer pains relate to all the negative emotions and unwelcome costs, situations and risks that the military customer experiences before, during and after his customer job. The functional problems that a user has to deal with include threats such as heat stress, humidity, flames, cold, and bullets and fragments from bombs and grenades. ‘Our troops deserve the best protection’ is the slogan in North America. Above all, the end-user wants to feel safe and must have confidence in his equipment and materials. Protection thus does not affect only the physical condition of the soldier but also his/her mental state. Soldiers are disappointed if it turns out that that they don’t have the right materials, whereas for the customer the greatest frustrations relate to delivery times, possible defects or excessive wear.  

Pain relievers 

How can negative experiences, unwelcome costs or avoidable situations be prevented or eliminated? The pain relievers make it clear how TenCate solutions focus on the challenges and needs of the  military customer. This relates not only to physical threats for the military user, but also for the customer to such factors as reliability of delivery, durability and costs.  Depending on the level of threat, inherently fire-resistant fabrics and anti-ballistic fabrics, armour composite inserts and shields offer protection against numerous dangers. These dangers may range from explosives and ammunition to fire and heat. The physical characteristics of the  fabrics used reduce heat stress. Based on its many decades of experience, TenCate has served as a one-stop shop, where knowledge and skills can be decisive in the entire acquisition process. The organisation provides reliability of delivery, while the combination of sustainability and purchasing costs ensures low overall life cycle costs. To this end strategic collaboration in the value chain helps to produce the greatest added value.  

Peace of mind 

TenCate protective solutions help military personnel, riot police and police officers who have to opererate and persevere under high-risk conditions by reducing injuries, heat stress and burns and increasing comfort. For the customer TenCate supplies a fitting and sustainable solution at low life cycle costs. This brings peace of mind to those who put their lives at risk for the protection and freedom of others.  


Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)