Autumn 2015

TenCate XP Blade™ in Melbourne

TigerTurf has recently installed a synthetic turf multisport complex for Balwyn High School in Melbourne (Australia). TenCate XP Blade™, an exceptionally hardwearing and durable fibre, forms the basis of the synthetic turf fields. 

Balwyn High School in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, has over 2,000 students. Frequently the school’s previous sports facility could not be used owing to weather conditions − seriously disrupting the ambitious sports programme. The new facility was officially opened with a spectacular ceremony on 6 May. The multisport facility covers 13, 200 m² and includes a 100-metre sprint track with eight lanes, a 380-metre two-lane fitness trail, two long jump pits, and fields for mini football, hockey and basketball.  Exhaustive tender process An extensive and exhaustive tender process was carried out prior to installation – after all, Balwyn High School was keen to secure the best available option. 

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To gain an idea of the possibilities, visits were paid to other sports complexes, including those realised earlier by TigerTurf. The soil structure was also surveyed and a geotechnical report drawn up. TigerTurf emerged as one of the five main candidates, and ultimately the company was awarded the order – and not simply thanks to the quality of the synthetic turf solution and because all the school’s requirements were met. According to the school, ‘The tender submission was creative and carefully constructed, encapsulating the sport-specific needs whilst also devoting attention to numerous facility aspects.’ For example, TigerTurf utilized the school’s underground water tank with a capacity of 40,000 litres, and furthermore addressed the importance to the school of performance and sustainability. An imprudent choice and injudicious maintenance could prematurely lead to the necessary replacement of a synthetic turf facility. What’s more, the education institute is enthusiastic about the opportunities afforded by the complex. 

Good playability  

TenCate XP Blade™ does not split through intensive use and is more resilient than the usual tape yarns: instead of lying flat the fibres twist during play, ensuring not only a good playable surface but also an attractive appearance. Consequently the synthetic turf fields based on the TenCate XP Blade™ fibre in Melbourne are playable the whole year through and under all weather conditions. They are available to students for training and sport for the full twelve months of the year.  

3 tigerturf balwyn

During a grand ceremony held on 6 May, the complex was declared open. Among the many present were Robert Handreck and Steven Hooker. Robert Handreck, after whom the facility is named, has been director of Sport and Sports Education for seventeen years, while former student Steven Hooker is an Australian pole vaulter who has been an Olympic and Commonwealth Games gold medallist as well as world champion in this discipline.  

A good impression of what’s involved in realising a synthetic turf multipurpose sports ground can be gained from a time-lapse video that shows the entire installation of a sports ground at St John’s Primary School in Mairangi Bay (Auckland, New Zealand). The work was completed in May 2015. The playing surface is TigerTurf Trophy, which is eminently suitable for numerous sports, especially hockey and tennis. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)