Autumn 2015

Festipi, a remarkable camping experience

A classical Indian tipi but then in an innovative style, with a design sporting distinctive patterns and images serving as tent cloth. Sustainable, because this printing is carried out using the new digital inkjet technology of TenCate Outdoor Fabrics. Prepare ‘to enjoy the ultimate camping experience at a festival.’

3 outdoor festipi 3

According to the inventors Tonnie Hulskotte (right) and Serge de Vries, the reason behind the development and introduction of this remarkable tent is ‘to sustainably increase the comfort and enjoyment of the festival-goer when camping out at a multi-day music event.’ It comes as a response to the cheap tents that people are all too ready to leave behind at festival grounds. This tipi can be erected in three minutes and has no guy ropes waiting to trip you up. The digital printing process offers a large measure of freedom when it comes to design and pattern. Moreover, the Festipi responds to the glamping trend: comfortable luxury camping in a tent.

3 outdoor festipi 2
TenCate Outdoor Fabrics highlighted the capabilities of digital finishing at the Camping and Caravan Trade Show in October 2014. Contact with Festipi resulted in a joint development programme, and the first digitally printed Festipi tent was presented in December 2014. The first series of digitally printed tipis was unveiled in the spring of 2015 during the ANWB Lentedagen fair in Bussloo. The Festipi is the first tipi in the Netherlands that incorporates solar panels so that festival-goers can recharge their smartphones. Experiences garnered during the 2015 festivals will benefit production in 2016. Festipi kicked off on 1 September with crowd funding to make at least 100 Festipis for hire at various festivals next year. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is supplying the fabrics for the Festipi festival tents.

3 outdoor festipi 2121
In the meantime, a veritable Festipi Tribe has sprung up. The founders are positioning Festipi not merely as a product but as a philosophy. The Festipi Tribe is composed of free-spirited people with a particular world view. As a Tribe, they go from festival to festival, hoping to introduce more festival-proof products. One example would be an alternative to plastic beakers: a reusable beaker with a chip enabling people to fetch their own drinks.  With thoughts of 5,000 Festipis at all the prominent festivals throughout the world, Festipi is looking to conquer the festival world within five years – even including America. It is hoped that this large-scale approach will bring to an end the fragmentation of festival bookings. The aim is to convince festival-goers that Festipi should be their first port of call for everything to do with festivals.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)