Winter 2015

TenCate Mirafi® wirewall system for Vikings' Stadium

As from next season the Minnesota Vikings will be playing in a new stadium in their home town of Minneapolis. During the construction of the stadium the TenCate Mirafi® Permanent Wirewall System was used. This relieves the lateral load on adjacent structures which increases safety and reduces building costs.
There are many instances where stress relief walls are the most effective and economical solution when it is necessary to prevent imposed lateral loads on structural walls that are below ground level. In most instances a permanent stress relief structure is the best solution, as was the case in the construction of the new stadium in Minneapolis (Minnesota, US) for the Minnesota Vikings, a professional American football team.

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The TenCate Mirafi® Permanent Wirewall system, which is 250 m long and 12 m high, fit the project demand perfectly. The contractor discovered that by using a basement wall built of concrete blocks with this system adjacent to it, they were able to save 5.5 million dollars on construction costs.

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TenCate Mirafi® Wirewall System was combined with a project specific design for this project. One benefit of this wall system is the ability to easily vary slope angles and geometry. Mechanically stabilised earth systems such as TenCate Mirafi® Permanent Wirewall result in a considerable strengthening of the ground. This is a proven cost-effective construction method, which requires less earth moving, shortens construction time, and increases safety. As this was a permanent wall, the steel wire forms had to be galvanising. TenCate Miragrid® 7XT was used here for primary reinforcement. This grid was also wrapped up the face over the secondary reinforcement, TenCate Mirafi® HP570. The entire wall was designed at a near vertical angle in order to minimize the top-of-wall distance to the building.

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Another advantage of this permanent wall system is that it affords latitude in construction options. Most stress relief walls need to be installed in close proximity to an existing wall or obstruction. The method used here resulted in savings on construction time and expense, and safety was guaranteed.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)