Winter 2015

TenCate Mirafi® strengthens and protects Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway

The Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway in the American state of Montana has to contend with frost heave damage, and crack formation is naturally a danger to motorists. The application of TenCate Mirafi® RS280i as a base course reinforcement and TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri as frost heave mitigation has led to a considerable reduction in crack formation, which in turn has had a positive impact on road safety.  

The Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in Montana (US) is a beautiful route. 

geosynthetics pioneer mt 1-Before-Problem

Situation before the work (winter 2013)

The road runs through a variety of landscapes that are frequently awe-inspiring. Less attractive is the road surface, which features serious cracks dangerous to traffic safety. This frost heave damage requires maintenance and repair on an annual basis. As earlier measures failed to yield lasting improvement, regular repairs continued to be necessary. That’s why authorities from the Western Federal Lands Highway Division of the United States Department of Transportation were interested in TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri geosynthetics’ patented wicking ability to mitigate frost heave damage. 

geosynthetics pioneer mt during installation h2r

There was yet a further challenge: the base layer under the pavement system had to be thin enough to accommodate the high water table. The solution was TenCate Mirafi® RS280i. 

geosynthetics pioneer mt during installation

The route was reconstructed with a moisture control layer of TenCate Mirafi® H2Ri, a base reinforcement layer of TenCate Mirafi® RS280i, and overlaid with an asphalt concrete pavement surface.  Now, two winters later, this part of the road is still free of cracks or heaves. Excess water is quickly drained away before it can freeze. The wish by the local authorities is to use this unique construction method to improve a larger part of the route when funding becomes available.

geosynthetics pioneer mt -During-H2Ri-RS280i

TenCate Mirafi® RSi is a series of geosynthetics for base course reinforcement, railway and motorway stabilisation, embankment reinforcement, soil confinement, and protection against erosion.

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