Winter 2015

Everything begins with a sound foundation

In a scientific study TenCate Mirafi® RS580i outperformed eleven other comparable materials tested for the foundations for roads, railways and other infrastructure applications. 

TenCate Mirafi® RSi is a series of geosynthetics from TenCate for the reinforcement and stabilisation of roads and railways, the strengthening of embankments, for land reclamation, protection against erosion and other infrastructure and environmental market applications. The materials have five functions: separation of soil layers, filtration, soil reinforcement, confinement and drainage. 


Every subgrade or application requires a specific product. Depending on the application and requirements there are three qualities available: TenCate Mirafi® RS580i, TenCate Mirafi® RS380i and TenCate Mirafi® RS280i. These now enable road construction companies to use a single product for stabilising and strengthening foundations for every possible subgrade and under all circumstances.

TenCate Mirafi® RS580i performed better than eleven other comparable materials for these applications. This was the result of the study that was conducted in 2014 by the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University (Bozeman, USA). The results will be confirmed by research carried out by universities in Kansas and Louisiana. Incorporating TenCate Mirafi® RSi results in a better roadway performance, efficient and sustainable use of materials and faster construction.

John Henderson

‘Everything begins with a sound foundation, says John Henderson, global marketing director at TenCate Geosynthetics. ‘We must fundamentally change the methods of road construction. Throughout the world you see deterating road surfaces that are crumbling away. This means regular repair work and that is expensive and dangerous. With geosynthetics, an owner can demonstrably save on maintenance costs, increase safety, and stretch limited public funding budgets. The road is safer and it can take greater usage for longer, because there is less subsidence and cracking, so less maintenance is required. Geosynthetics are not only sustainable materials, they make investments in infrastructure more profitable. It’s all a matter of Protecting people and Protecting people’s investment.’ 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)