Summer 2016

Acting on an initiative of the Jupiler League, GreenFields is organising the sports event Youngstars On Tour at FC Eindhoven, Sparta Rotterdam and FC Volendam. The underlying idea of the parties concerned is to acquaint children aged 6 to 8 with sport and physical activity in a fun and easily accessible way. 

During the sports event, the focal point is joining together in sports and physical activity on an ideal sports field. This pleasant means of introduction applies particularly to football on synthetic turf.

Participation in Youngstars On Tour is free and open to both footballing and non-footballing children

There are various football clinics on the day in question, and children’s agility and stamina will also be put to the test by an obstacle course, a soccer wall, a sprint and a slalom track. What’s more, the children will get the opportunity to have their photo taken with their football heroes. The sports event have already taken place at Sparta Rotterdam, FC Eindhoven and FC Volendam. 

youngstars sparta
Children’s agility and stamina are also put to the test

Reactions to Youngstars on Tour speak volumes.  ‘An enjoyable initiative and a varied programme’ and ‘Great, cool, fun, sporty!’ are just two of the many positive comments made by children taking part. 

youngstars sparta 2

At Sparta Rotterdam (picture) rain was the killjoy, yet even so Lars Damen, on behalf of Sparta, looks back on this day with pleasure. ‘As a club, you can inspire your youngsters with enthusiasm. It’s good to involve youngsters in a club in their locality or neighbourhood. And it’s rewarding to see that you can make this accessible to children and make them feel at home – even those children that don’t actually come from the neighbourhood.’

‘Everyone was enthusiastic,’ says Marion van Vroenhoven, on behalf of FC Eindhoven. ‘And everything ran smoothly. This really is something completely different and we’re certainly up for a repeat performance.’

youngstars RS91489 eindhoven
Youngstars on tour in Eindhoven

GreenFields is already thinking of a follow-up in September and of organising the event nine times at professional clubs that also play on a GreenFields synthetic turf pitch. Cooperation First Division also favours a follow-up, according to Henry Snetselaar. ‘Within the Jupiler League, we’re keen to continue this initiative. The best would be an annual event at every club in the Jupiler League. The kids are full of enthusiasm. It’s a fun and easy way for them to become acquainted with the synthetic turf of GreenFields and the Jupiler League club in their own region. After all, they’re the potential fans of the future.’

Henry Snetselaar considers the use of synthetic turf to be a distinctive feature of the clubs in the Jupiler League. ‘Events of this kind would not be possible on natural grass in stadiums. It’s great to see that now, thanks to synthetic turf, all sorts of things are happening in the stadium. And not just these events either; for example, the youth teams of the club can also train in the stadium. In this way the stadium does indeed become the real living hub of the club.’

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