Summer 2016

In 1642 Rembrandt van Rijn completed his world famous painting The Nighwatch (De Nachtwacht). The painter portrayed the company of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq and Lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburgh while they mustered in front of the gate of the Kloveniersdoelen (Amsterdam) before marching out. Inspired by this painting, fashion designer and hair artist Müfide Halaceli, with the collaboration of Elizabeth Kleinpitch and 30 Dutch women holding top positions, produced De Dameswacht. Following the decision of the Twente Fire Brigade to purchase new turnout gear based on TenCate Millenia™ came the idea for the Fire Watch (De Brandwacht).


The members of the Twente Fire Brigade grouped around the head of the Fire Brigade Stephan Wevers and his colleague Maurice Winkel. Stephan Wevers is also chair of Brandweer Nederland (the umbrella organisation of Dutch fire brigades) and of the Council of Regional Chief Fire Officers. Just as in Rembrandt’s masterpiece, the brigade was not drawn up in stiff ranks next to its chief and there is a skillful play of light. The photographer Willem van Walderveen, who immortalised the company, was responsible for this arrangement.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)