Summer 2016

The first Field in a box™ system in Europe was opened in Madrid on 14 May. It was commissioned by the UEFA Foundation for Children. FedEx has helped to make its installation possible. The basis of the system is TenCate Grass and TenCate Geosynthetics materials. 

The TenCate Field in a box™ system from TenCate Grass links sport to social, educational and economic objectives. It is an integrated, easy-to-install solution based on a synthetic turf system, consisting of a synthetic turf mat measuring 40x20 metres, the substrate, boarding and other elements. The system is delivered in a single container, and then constructed on the spot and equipped with all the extras required. These include a watering system, lighting powered by solar energy and outdoor fabrics for the fencing and the roof.

field in a box madrid accorder
Installing TenCate Accorder®

TenCate Field in a box™ can provide a boost to employment and increase the involvement of the local population. The system also reflects the global goals of the UN for sustainable development.

field in a box madrid watchers
Watching the installation from nearby

The pitch in Madrid that was commissioned by the the UEFA Foundation for Children has as yet no extra facilities. It is located in Cañada Real Galiana, a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the Spanish capital.

The installation of the pitch in Madrid was funded by FedEx. This company is impressed by the innovative design of Field in a box™ and in particular by its sustainable aspect. FedEx Trade Networks division provides international freight forwarding services, shipping the very containers that hold the Field in a Box across the globe.

field in a box madrid pitch
Field in a box™ in Cañada Real Galiana

FedEx is absolutely committed to investing socially in the markets where it operates, Helen Saunders (senior communications specialist Europe) says. ‘This project is an excellent example of our global “delivering for good” programme. We use our resources and network to connect local communities with access to facilities which would otherwise be out of their reach.’ FedEx has supported local communities through team member volunteer efforts and financial contributions.

field in a box madrid players 1
Enthusiastic players on the brand new pitch 

FedEx works in Madrid with La Fundación Red Deporte Y Cooperación. This local, non-governmental organisation (NGO) is committed worldwide to the promotion of education, health, integration, peace building and participation in sports. As the main sponsor of the UEFA Europa League, FedEx is collaborating with the UEFA Foundation for Children and streetfootballworld. This is a global non-profit network that uses football to drive social change and to identify communities that would benefit most from a dedicated sports pitch. This network played a significant role in this project. Red Deporte Y Cooperación is part of the streetfootballworld network.

field in a box madrid players 2
‘We have challenged ourselves to place our investments where they can make the most difference to the world.’

TenCate Grass has already been approached by various agencies and companies both in the Netherlands and in other countries, who wish to collaborate with them regarding Field in a box™

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)