Summer 2016

The SKYe SH-09, the new helicopter of Marenco Swisshelicopter, is made of composite materials from TenCate Advanced Composites. Thanks to the use of composites, this rotorcraft offers exceptional performance with a low (internal and external) noise signature.
In March this year, TenCate Advanced Composites and Marenco Swisshelicopter signed a multiyear supply agreement regarding composite materials for the SKYe SH-09 helicopter. This agreement follows up on the memorandum of understanding of March 2015 and has been extended to include epoxy prepreg systems.  All the components of this machine are made from composite materials from TenCate. 

2 marenco 151102

The Swiss rotorcraft manufacturer has selected these composite materials because of their mechanical characteristics, flight pedigree, and the experience of TenCate in supporting new aircraft and helicopter programmes.

The SKYe SH-09 is a versatile single-engine helicopter. The machine is suitable for passenger transport (seats up to eight), search and rescue operations in mountainous or otherwise poorly accessible areas, for surveillance, spraying activities and firefighting, and for supporting police and fire services, press agencies, training and instruction. In addition to the choice of materials, particularly striking is the innovative, ergonomic and intuitive man-machine interface with a modular glass cockpit.

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The aerodynamics are excellent and pilots have the benefit of a more or less unobstructed view. The composites-based construction ensures high crash resistance and weight reduction. Thanks to the multiple use of composites, the helicopter registers good flight performance figures in terms speed and load. The SKYe SH-09 can fly at a height of 4.5 km, and has a cruise speed of 270 km/hr and a range of 800 km. 

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A further noteworthy characteristic is its extremely low noise, not only inside the large cabin itself but also externally. The Swiss company Air Zermatt is the launching customer for the machine. Air Zermatt specialises in rescue operations in the mountains and under extremely cold conditions. The main factors influencing the company’s decision to opt for this new aircraft concept were the increasingly stringent demands in terms of performance and noise development, in combination with the desired flexibility.

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“Marenco Swisshelicopter and TenCate Advanced Composites really are a perfect match”, says Dave Clarke (Group Director TenCate Advanced Composites Americas). “Both companies are nimble, innovative and disruptive in our respective markets. And, we both realize that speed matters. In our industry, standard lead times from the 2-3 largest suppliers are months, not weeks.  This simply does not work when you need to support an aggressive development and qualification program, such as the Marenco SKYe-09. In addition, the team at Marenco really approaches us as a partner – we have open, honest and creative dialogue with them that really shows their commitment and desire to build a long term, sustainable partnership with us. We really appreciate this sort of partnership with our customers.” 

The first flight on October 2, 2014

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)