Summer 2016

GreenFields, in collaboration with FIFA, recently organized a seminar in Hammamet (north-eastern Tunisia), on various aspects of synthetic turf – from components to specifications and installation. The seminar, held on 11 and 12 March, had as its aim to increase quality awareness in Tunisia, to raise standards and bring greater structure to the Tunisian market. 

GreenFields, a part of TenCate Grass, has installed five FIFA-certified synthetic turf pitches in Tunisia in recent months. These are in Ajim Djerba, Carthage, Korba, Menzil Bourguiba and Kram. The installations of another four pitches are currently finalized. At Étoile Sportive du Sahel from Sousse two pitches are installed at the same time. Tenders have now been invited for rugby.

tunesie pitch 1
GreenFields has already installed five FIFA-certified synthetic turf pitches in Tunisia

GreenFields is the only FIFA-preferred producer in this country having FIFA recommended pitches installed locally. Football in Tunisia is by far the country’s most popular sport. ‘The market is large and uncoordinated and much if not most of the competition is price based’, Alex Ollagnier tells us. He is responsible for marketing and sales at GreenFields in France and Tunisia.

alex ollagnier
Alex Ollagnier 

This was reason enough to organize a seminar in consultation with FIFA on numerous aspects of synthetic turf - and in particular those relating to standards and quality awareness. The approximately 400 attendees included sports laboratories, consultants, architects, governments and ministries of sport, youth and welfare.

tunesie seminar
Cutting the pitch cake at the gala of the seminar

‘Our aim was to make those present more aware of quality aspects, to introduce guidelines and intensify contacts’, Alex Ollagnier continues. ‘Other suppliers / market players will now have to meet the FIFA standard, with every step in the installation process having to be inspected. It will thus no longer be possible to quote below cost price.’

tunesie pitch 2
The pitch in the stadium of Carthage

Until recently Tunisia did not have a single FIFA-certified pitch, now there are five. These were installed by Witco Sports, a Tunisian company and contracting partner of GreenFields exclusively for this country. The pitches are part of the FIFA Quality Programme - an internationally recognized standard for quality and reliability relating to equipment, playing surface, technology and service. Each pitch has received the FIFA Quality Pro certificate.

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