Summer 2016

GreenFields has entered into a partnership with footballer Danny van Bakel. As their brand ambassador, he seeks to further help professional football in Vietnam become aware of the importance of high quality synthetic turf systems. 

Danny van Bakel, former Dutch professional footballer, is currently active for the Vietnamese professional football club Lam Sơn Thanh Hóa and ambassador in Vietnam for the GreenFields brand. As brand ambassador, Danny van Bakel supports the aim of GreenFields to increase the awareness of professional football in Vietnam of the importance of innovative, high-grade synthetic turf systems.

The main synthetic turf markets in Asia are China, Korea and Japan. Acceptance of synthetic turf applications is increasing here as knowledge and experience grow. Consequently, quality standards are also rising, although there are clear regional differences. Moreover, there is an increasing recognition of environmental aspects and in this TenCate and GreenFields are able to distinguish themselves from other suppliers through the introduction of both high quality and fully recyclable synthetic turf components and systems.

vietnam football

In Vietnam too football is extremely popular. With a population of approximately 90 million inhabitants, it plays an important role in society

Although a lot of money is being made available to buy players and to develop the sport, the infrastructure in Vietnam lags behind. The standard of an average football pitch in Vietnam is far below the level of the average European and Dutch football pitch, says Vincent Homrighausen (Director Asia, TenCate Grass). ‘This is the main reason for investing in the development of GreenFields’ position in Vietnam.’

vietnam danny van bakel
‘When it comes to quality awareness and the standard of football pitches, there is need for improvement in most countries in south-east Asia.’

‘When it comes to quality awareness and the standard of football pitches, improvements are needed in most south-east Asian countries’, Vincent Homrighausen continues. ‘As to Asia as a whole, Japan is the most developed in terms of the standard of football and quality. China, however, is engaged mainly in catching up.’ China is already the largest market for synthetic turf.’

In most south-east Asian countries there is a sharply growing demand for synthetic turf for both sports and recreational use.  Most countries are increasingly operating FIFA standards as the guideline for the installation of football pitches. ‘The extent to which this guideline is respected depends on the budget available. It is often the case that end-users want a high quality FIFA-certified pitch, but do not have a sufficiently large budget or are not willing to make this available. This leads to price pressure, which has an adverse impact on quality.’ 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)