Summer 2016

TenCate produces composite materials for both military and civilian helicopters. One recent application is the Bell 525 Relentless: a fully equipped and comfortable ‘flying conference room’, which will be available in mid-2017.
On 1 July last year the helicopter, which is currently the world’s most luxurious, made its maiden flight. This is the Bell 525 Relentless, an extremely luxuriously-fitted helicopter.

2 composites bell 525 03

It is also the first commercial helicopter with fly-by-wire: touch screen control by means of electronic signals. At top speed it can reach 290 km per hour, and with a full tank it has a range of 925 kilometres. Twelve parts of the helicopter, including the access doors and the partition for the engine compartment, are made of TenCate Composite material.

2 composites bell 525 new york
(picture Bell Helicopter « J. VanDomelen Mil/Aero Blog) 

Pressure-moulded composite parts from TenCate Advanced Composites are not unknown to Bell Helicopter: the company has used them previously in the V-22 Osprey helicopter programme, which is a military aircraft. Bell Helicopter is benefiting in its civilian programmes from the expertise that has been gained in military programmes. Through the use of these lightweight parts, Bell Helicopter is able to make significant cost savings.

2 composites bell 525 above sea

In addition to the two crew members, the helicopter can transport 16 passengers, who will certainly not be lacking the creature comforts. The cabin can be fitted out as a seating and conference area, furnished with comfortable leather armchairs, a sofa, a conference table and other facilities. And in a totally different version, the Bell 525 can also be deployed for combatting forest fires.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)