Summer 2016

Some 20,000 production workers of car manufacturer Audi have been carrying out their work for the past year in work clothing based on TenCate Tecawork™ protective fabrics. They are employed at the company headquarters in Ingolstadt and the production company in Neckarsulm (Germany). The supply of protective fabrics is the result of a European tender in 2014. 

The specifications then defined related to the Audi house style, wear resistance, a contemporary cut, high quality fabric and the potential for use in all VW work clothing in Germany.

audi tecawork ingolstadt
Production of the Audi A4 in Ingolstadt

The areas in which these employees work are the panel department, bodywork, assembly and mechanical engineering at the headquarters in Ingolstadt and the production company in Neckarsulm (Germany). The company certainly did not rush into things when it came to tendering. Safety, wearer comfort and quality were paramount. 

Just as with previous tenders, a working group was set up from the Volkswagen and Audi personal protective equipment project group, which concentrated entirely on the design, material and colours of the work clothing. This working group consisted of eight specialist personnel from the larger divisions of the company. They formulated the requirements, consulted the house style guidelines, drew up the technical specifications and evaluated the samples and colours that were submitted.

audi tecawork neckarsulm
With a well-trained eye, the workers in Neckarsulm examine the bodywork of the Audi A8

Wearer trials were conducted on proposed garments with 1,800 employees in all divisions of VW and Audi. They evaluated the clothing on such aspects as breathability, freedom of movement and wearer comfort – even after a number of industrial launderings. After all, work clothing can sometimes be industrially laundered up to 150 times during its service life. These wearer trials led to establishing the two defined fabrics, including TenCate Tecawork™ BG 1003. This fabric was not unknown to VW as the manufacturer had specified it in a previous order. 

audi tecawork stuurwiel

Assembly at Audi AG 

Arnold Maus works in Audi AG’s Industrial Safety department. He was involved in the entire procedure and looks back on a successful process. 'Thanks in part to the thorough preparations, the process has so far gone exceptionally well. The transition to the new clothing was smooth and the employees are enthusiastic’, he concluded after a year. ‘The clothing looks great, has a modern cut and is comfortable to wear.'

audi tecawork maus rohrbach 1
Arnold Maus (Industrial Safety department Audi AG, left) and Dietmar Rohrbach (End Use Market Manager DACH TenCate Protective Fabrics)

Arnold Maus has now worked with TenCate Protective Fabrics for some twenty years and has had good experiences with its quality and reliability of delivery. ‘I have worked with TenCate successfully for many years now. Due to changes in work clothing and protective clothing I have regular contact with the company’s experts and in this way I keep well informed about the technical data, characteristics and of course the colours of the potential fabrics.’ Dietmar Rohrbach can only confirm these good experiences.  

audi tecawork maus rohrbach 2
Arnold Maus and Dietmar Rohrbach discussing the fabrics, characteristics and design

TenCate Tecawork™ is a range of fabrics for work clothing for use in the service industry, health care sector and heavy industry. The high quality fabrics satisfy the requirements as regards appearance, house style and colour. The BG 330 and BG 1003 range from TenCate are also being used in the automobile industry, where a silicone-free finish is a must. In the past Audi was supplied with TenCate Tecawork™ BG330. 

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)