Autumn 2016

In recent years TenCate has supplied geosynthetic materials for those dykes along the Oosterschelde and the Westerschelde (NL) that would not provide sufficient protection in the event of a superstorm.

A dyke must offer protection against high water levels and powerful waves. In Zeeland a safety standard of 1: 4000 appplies, which means that a dyke must be able to withstand a superstorm surge that occurs on average once every 4,000 years. 

geosynthetics zeeland
The sea wall at Cadzand on the coast of Zeeland has been reinforced is thus completely safe for at least the next fifty years

Using materials like TenCate Bidim®, TenCate Geolon® and TenCate geocomposite, a total of 325 kilometres of dyke were reinforced and adapted in 2015 to meet current standards, thus making the sea wall completely safe for at least the next fifty years.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)