Autumn 2016

TenCate Geotube® technology has been used for rehabilitating the beach of Cancun (Mexico) and the beach of Gran Velas Riviera Maya, 60 kilometres further south on the east coast. The coast is now equipped to offer sufficient resistance to hurricanes. 
Cancun, situated on the Yucatán peninsula on the east coast of Mexico, is a popular holiday destination. Until 1987, the town boasted a sandy beach more than 60 to 100 metres wide. Then Gilbert arrived. The hurricane demolished the offshore submerged sand bar that protected the coast. In 2005 Wilma struck. This natural disaster claimed eleven kilometres of beach. Many resorts suffered serious damage. Then TenCate was approached to supply TenCate Geotube® units for the construction of four breakwaters in the sea, parallel to the curve of the shoreline.

cancun mexico

And so the beaches of Cancun Beach (picture) were prepared for the hurricane season. Dean was the first in 2007 but it failed to inflict any damage on the new construction. Although a small fraction of sand did erode, the TenCate Geotube® structures prevented any perminent damage to the shoreline.The submerged units quickly became vegetated, acquiring an even more natural appearance.

geosynthetics yucatan gran velas 0840 

The same method was followed at the holiday destination Gran Velas Riviera Maya resort, 60 kilometres to the south, which had also been severely hit. 

geosynthetics yucatan gran velas 3625

As a first measure, where the beach fringed into dunes, a row of TenCate Geotube® units was installed on a stabilisation layer of geotextile and covered with sand. Five submarine breakwaters based on TenCate Geotube® were constructed right in front of the beach. 

geosynthetics yucatan gran velas 0329

Then, further away from the land four artificial reefs were created. Although submerged in the water, the breakwaters and reefs are visible on Google Earth.

geosynthetics yucatan gran velas 0325

As a result of the success of the Cancun and Gran Velas protections projects, 1.6 km of TenCate Geotube® structures are being installed in front of the five star MayaKoba resort that is adjacent to the Gran Velas project.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)