Autumn 2016

The dyke along the Loire near Saumur (France) regularly has to contend with high water levels or even flooding – as in June this year. Ten years ago, 1,000 metres of TenCate GeoDetect® were installed at Saint-Martin-de-la-Place. 

The aim of the system is to detect leakage and instability at an early stage.

geosynthetics geodetect france 1893
Filtermaterial and TenCate GeoDetect® were installed on the landward side of the dyke along the Loire

The fibre optic monitoring system is combined with TenCate Bidim®, a water-permeable and soil-proof non-woven

geosynthetics geodetect france 1916
Afterwards the materials were covered with gravel and soil

The material is used primarily as a separation layer in road construction (between foundation material and substrate) and as a filter in hydraulic structures and drainage systems. 

geosynthetics geodetect france equipment
Instrumentation analysing information from the TenCate GeoDetect® sensing strips to warn of early signs of dyke failure

geosynthetics geodetect france 2321
The vegetated dyke along the river at Saint-Martin-de-la-Place

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)