Autumn 2016

Not only can TenCate geosynthetics and geosystems be deployed for repairing, raising and reinforcing sea dykes and dunes, they can also be utilised for protecting embankments and riverbanks from erosion. 

For instance, the banks of a number of rivers in Malaysia are now protected thanks to the application of TenCate Geobag® and TenCate Geomattress™. TenCate Geobag® and TenCate Geomattress™ have been deployed in Malaysia along the rivers Rasau, Segamat and Jimah. 

geosynthetics sungai rasau DSC03138-during installation
Work in progress along the Rasau River at the end of 2015

The Rasau is a river in Sepang, a district and town in the Malaysian state of Selangor. TenCate Geobag® technology has been used to protect 3,450 metres of riverbank from erosion.

eosynthetics sungai rasau Completed installation
The Rasau installation was completed at the beginning of 2016 

These low-capacity units (each one between 0.3 and 10 m3 and sometimes fitted with lifting slings) are hydraulically filled prior to placement. The bags are primarily deployed for small closures or for absorption purposes when a dyke is breached. The pillow-shaped geotextiles are easy to use and facilitate vegetation growth. 

geosynthetics sungai rasau IMG_0977 with vegetation
The Sungai Rasau with vegetation

The Jimah River in Negeri Sembilan, a state on the west coast of Malaysia, is subject to frequent flooding. TenCate Geomattress™ units have been installed here to protect the banks and limit the number of floods.

geosynthetics Sungai Jimah 100_3839
The banks along the Jimah River have acquired a natural appearance 

TenCate Geomattress™ is a double-layered fabric with tubular-shaped spaces across its length, which are usually filled with sand. It covers the bank both under and above the surface. The fabric is anchored on the river bed and fosters the growth of vegetation. This solution is more economical and environmentally friendly than conventional methods using rock riprap.

geosynthetics Sungai Jimah 0935
Along the Sungai Jimah

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)