Autumn 2016

Two separate public beaches in East Lyme in Connecticut (US), northeast of New York, have recently been linked by an elevated pedestrian and cycle path. A reinforced soil slope and armoured revetment form the basis of the construction and TenCate Mirafi® FW, a durable geotextile for erosion control and shoreline protection, was utilised in this respect.

The pedestrian and cycle connection had to be constructed so that it provided protection for the railway line between Old Lyme and New London against the severe wave action of the Atlantic Ocean. What’s more, the work had to be accomplished with the minimum of disruption to rail traffic and the natural habitat of fish, crustaceans and shellfish.

geosynthetics east lyme niantic
TenCate Mirafi® FW has been installed

For these and budgetary reasons, CTE Engineers chose TenCate Mirafi® FW. This is a series of strong, UV-stabilised geotextiles for applications such as erosion control and shoreline protection.

 geosynthetics east lyme boardwalk courant com
The pedestrian and cycle connection along the seafront after completion (photo: Town of East Lyme)

As is generally the case, these geotextiles were installed under a layer of rip rap. What with the railway line, tides, occasional storm activity and the tight timetable, this was no easy task for the contractor. However, the availability of local materials (sand and rocks) and the straightforward installation certainly made amends, and the project could be completed within the specified time frame and available budget. 

geosynthetics east lyme boardwalk mara lavitt
(photo: Town of East Lyme)

Not long after completion, the path was put to the test by a major hurricane. The integrity of the design and construction emerged uncompromised – increasing the satisfaction of the designer, contractor and town council.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)