Autumn 2016

TenCate seeks to make a contribution to improvements in poor social and economic conditions, anywhere in the world. The TenCate Field in a box™ system links these social, educational and economic goals to sporting activities, which may help in the development of a sense of community and of multi-community centres. 

With its Box full of hopes and dreams©  TenCate provides a social platform to achieve this, with the intention of helping children in deprived areas to realise their dreams.

grass box hopes dreams 1
At the beach in Scheveningen (NL) TenCate introduced business relations and partners to the Field in a box™ solution. In the container, the business-to-business visitors were ‘transported’ to the Box full of hopes & dreams©

The concept behind Field in a box™ provides in essence two platforms for grassroots development and community empowerment (strengthening the community and enhancing the sense of community). These are Field in a box™ and a Box full of hopes and dreams©. The former is primarily a business-to-business (B2B) concept that enables companies, institutions and organisations to make a business-to-consumer (B2C) contribution to society. Field in a box™ provides a physical platform for partnerships with corporates, foundations and national and international governments. Box full of hopes and dreams© is a social platform for partnerships with non-governmental organisations (NGOs), sports associations and local authorities.

grass box hopes dreams 3

In order for the box to become a social platform, collaboration with partners is vital. This applies to local authorities and NGOs, and likewise to corporates which, for example, for every box purchased, will sponsor children to collect any plastic waste and bottles left lying on the streets. This produces, in addition to the synthetic turf pitch and the classroom, a cleaner environment. Children are then active. Once the pitch and the box have been installed, this will provide employment. 

grass box hopes dreams marc
Marc Ganzeboom

‘You can easily combine entrepreneurship and a commercial initiative with corporate social responsibility’, explains Marc Ganzeboom. He is sales manager for Field in a box™ at TenCate Grass/GreenFields.  ‘We focus on both the physical and the social platform. We take the Field in a box™ concept to partners, such as large multinationals with a CSR budget. With Box full of hopes and dreams© we focus on consumers. In this way we link up supply and demand. For example, on our site they can indicate where they think such a box should be installed. It is all about sharing values.’

grass box hopes dreams madrid
On 14 May 2016 the first Field in a box™ system in Europe was opened in Cañada Real Galiana, a slum district in the Spanish capital Madrid. Its installation was financed by FedEx. OPSA, a partner of TenCate in Spain, was responsible for implementing the project

TenCate as the system supplier ensures that the pitch has good sport-technical characteristics. The pitch combines XP Blade™ synthetic turf fibre with TenCate Accorder™. This is a fabric with a grid of geosynthetic material that requires only 6 cm of soil, rather than 50 cm, to be removed. Local rubble or the soil that has been removed is reused in the grid fabric and thus forms a stable base for the whole pitch. If desired, a GreenSource™ water management system can be installed underneath this. ‘Everything is based on the CSR principle and has a low CO2 footprint’, concluded Marc Ganzeboom. ‘We supply a turnkey system, using local people at a low cost. There is monitoring, training and supervision, to ensure that the pitch is used in the right way.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)