Winter 2016

‘To be not the biggest, but the best’

In its efforts to achieve joint market development and product launch, GreenFields has entered into a collaboration with a number of strategic partners. These partners generally buy synthetic turf pitches from GreenFields and endeavour to introduce newly developed products and systems into their country and make a success of them. One of these partners is the Japanese Astro Corporation. ‘We have carried out unique projects together.’ 

GreenFields entered into a partnership with Astro Corporation (Japan) in 2003. The core activity of this company is the design, production, import, sale and installation of high-quality synthetic turf surfaces for sport and landscaping. Astro Corporation is one of the companies worldwide with which GreenFields has a form of collaboration. The Japanese install synthetic turf pitches from GreenFields and also endeavour to make a success of newly developed products and systems from GreenFields in Japan.

4 greenfields QVC Marine Field 3
The new synthetic turf pitch in the stadium of the Chiba Lotte Marines, a Japanese professional baseball club in the Japanese Pacific League

The collaboration with Astro Corporation was inspired by GreenFields’ efforts to market the most innovative and technologically advanced synthetic turf systems in the world. The company can boast many years of experience in the production, building and installation of synthetic turf pitches, relentless efforts in research and development as well as endeavours to achieve full customer satisfaction.

Unrivalled quality
‘We need this partnership to design synthetic turf systems of unrivalled quality and have them made for a range of sports’, explains Anton Winters. He is the contact for GreenFields and coordinates activities in this context. ‘The company also fits in well with our quality ideals.’ Every day he is in touch with his contacts at Astro in Japan, Hideaki Shinomiya and Yoshie Umeki, with whom he meets up a couple of times a year, either in the Netherlands or in Japan.

4 greenfields QVC Marine Field 8
In Asia synthetic turf is currently the standard for hockey at all levels; synthetic turf for football is mainly used as a multi-purpose application at schools and as a training pitch

The Japanese football market is very quality-minded; systems thinking is quite well developed there. With this partnership GreenFields aims to launch its latest systems on the Japanese market, which is very demanding, in terms of quality. ‘Our intention is not to be the biggest, but the best’, says Anton Winters. ‘We focus here on the high-end market segment.’

Components and systems
In Japan Astro Corporation and GreenFields together have launched components and systems such as TenCate Sine® shockpad, the hybrid XtraGrass™ and GreenFields® TX.  Astro Corporation has already installed football and hockey pitches in Japan based on the hybrid XtraGrass™, GreenFields® MX and GreenFields® MX DS (woven synthetic turf), GreenFields® TX, and with TenCate Accorder®. An example is the installation of XtraGrass™ on the training pitch of Urawa Red Diamonds, one of the top clubs in the Japanese J-League. 

'Proud to be partner'
Managing Director Hideo Iwano, has made it known that Astro Corporation is proud to be the partner of GreenFields. ‘In the market, we are recognised as the company that provides unique and qualitatively high-grade systems to Japanese customers. This is possible because GreenFields continues to develop and supply innovative synthetic turf systems. Astro Corporation would like nothing better than to continue to strengthen this partnership with GreenFields.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)