Winter 2016

Rocking, swaying, swinging, hiding or reading a book: all this can be done in the SwingBag. It’s a combination of a swing, a hanging bag and a hammock in which children from the age of 3 can enjoy swaying and rocking.  

Although it’s an outdoor application, it can of course – providing there’s enough room – also be installed indoors. The SwingBag is made of TenCate Tecastyle™ fabric and satisfies all safety requirements.

protective swingbag 1
The SwingBag (photo: Roderic Kreunen)

Children love playing outside. Their creativity and energy seem to know no bounds. The SwingBag is a remarkable way in which they can give full rein to their imagination and also encourages them to further develop their motor skills. ‘With the SwingBag you can have fantastic fun and exciting adventures. On your own or with friends, you can play for hours,’ according to the company of the same name. ‘You can even hide yourself completely in the SwingBag to read your favourite book.’

protective swingbag 2
Hanging up the SwingBag is ‘childishly simple’. The SwingBag can be hung at the desired height using the adjustable ropes supplied 

The SwingBag is made of high-grade materials for durable outdoor use, and the materials, production and safety were subject to rigorous quality control. It complies with European safety requirements. The bag can carry up to 50 kilos, comes in four colours, and is made of TenCate Tecastyle™ NB 1043, a high-grade breathable fabric. TenCate Tecastyle™ is mainly used for workwear and in the industrial services. This fabric was selected because of ‘the lovely colours, its strength in connection with product safety, water permeability, and because it is breathable.’ 

SwingBag logo

‘Children think it’s wonderful to play with the SwingBag,’ says Lesly van Kleef of SwingBag. He devised and developed the product together with Koen Goedhart. ‘Their enthusiasm and gaiety revitalizes us as makers and vendors and recharges our batteries.’    

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)