Winter 2016

The new campus of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (Royal Dutch Football Association) has recently acquired a GreenFields® MX Trimension™ synthetic turf football pitch and a hybrid field based on XtraGrass™.

The installation of two more XtraGrass™ fields is on the agenda for next year. The renovated KNVB Campus is set to develop into the home base for training camps and matches in the Netherlands. TenCate Grass is the innovation partner of the football association. 

4 grass knvb campus 0466

Fifty years ago, the KNVB Sports Centre was opened in Zeist. Recently this has been completely renovated and expanded. The new KNVB Campus – ‘the centre spot of the Netherlands’ – is intended to be the training centre for the national team selections: first the women’s team, in preparation for the 2017 Women’s World Cup, then the men’s team, which is currently training in Noordwijk.
At the KNVB Campus, injured footballers can recuperate, clinics are organised, trainers follow their dedicated programme, referees focus on the rules of the game, and administrators can congregate. It is also the place where researchers and developers of new materials and systems meet to exchange ideas and developments.

4 grass knvb campus smc

In GreenFields® MX Trimension™, fibres of different composition and size are used and these are woven into the matting in one go. This results in ‘clumps’ of synthetic turf of various fibre types and functions with a texture almost identical to that of natural grass tussocks, thus providing an experience comparable to playing on natural grass. In Zeist, infill based on cork / coir has been chosen – so natural materials. 

XtraGrass™ is a hybrid system in which blades of natural grass are reinforced with synthetic grass fibres. It is a network of synthetic grass fibres woven into a strong backing material that is 50% biologically degradable. This system is placed directly on the base course for a standard field. XtraGrass™ is filled with a special blend for the root zone and is sown with grass seed. Within a few days, the seeds germinate and natural grass grows between the synthetic fibres and through the backing. The synthetic grass fibres provide the natural grass fibres with extra protection against wear.  

4 grass knvb campus indoor
The synthetic turf field runs through into the main building

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)