Winter 2016

Standing up for better protection

As a result of the use of firearms in the United States there is, regrettably, an increasing number of victims being recorded. These are often police officers and first responders, who prove not always to be equipped with the best protection. TenCate Advanced Armor is committed to creating greater awareness and providing better protection through an intensive campaign: ‘Plate Up, America!’.  

Sparked by the recent increase in highly publicized active shooter incidents in the United States, the campaign’s primary goal is to equip all law enforcement and first responders with enhanced rifle threat protection. 

armour plate up baltimore-riots-protest
In the US more deaths result from the use of firearms than from terrorist attacks (photo: Scenes of Reason)

TenCate Advanced Armor develops and produces armour materials for the protection of people and vehicles. It has renewed its pledge of Protecting People with the campaign ‘Plate Up, America!’, the primary object of which is to equip all law enforcers and first responders with even better protection against threats from firearms. Police and first responders are usually equiped with soft body armor which is designed to protect them against common handgun threats. The root of this campaign is to educate and bring to light that the level of protection that most of them have now, offers little to no protection against high power rifle threats, which are used in most mass shootings and officer ambushes.

armour plate up america new york times
Law enforcement officers and first responders are often among the casualties (photo: New York Times)

‘Law enforcement officers are often the first on the scene for active shooter incidents and require protection from high-calibre weapons, that standard soft body armor simply cannot provide. ‘The soft armor of soldiers and police officers does not always provide them with the desired or necessary protection to defeat the threats that they encounter everyday’, explains Michael Haynes, Director of Account Management, Personal Protective Systems at TenCate Advanced Armor. ‘Many people, including the individual wearing the armor are unaware of this and as stewards of the industry, it is our mission to both educate and protect them. Our family of hard armor solutions bridges the gap between soft armor, which is designed to protect against common handgun threats, and the ever increasing use of high power rifle threats.’ 

armour plate up US vlag patheos
(Illustration: Patheos)

'Now more than ever, there is a need to protect and serve those who protect and serve us’, continued Michael Haynes. ‘By partnering with city administrations, precincts, law enforcement officers and their families, as well as concerned citizens and other industry leaders, we are confident the Plate Up, America! campaign can reverse the alarming trend in police fatalities.’ 

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