Winter 2016

‘Sport can make the difference to a child’

Youth Sport Fund (Jeugdsportfonds) creates chances for children who cannot join a sports club because of inadequate financial resources at home. TenCate Grass wants to help in strengthening the basis and development for children in the Netherlands that do not have the opportunity to take part in sport. Youth Sport Fund and TenCate Grass entered into a cooperative agreement on 25 June this year. ‘TenCate Grass will help us to offer a sports opportunity to dozens of children over the next two years.’ 

The Fund doesn’t install sports fields but ensures that children can join a sports club. The social structure of a sports club is important, especially for vulnerable children. Through sport, they come into contact with other children and, while enjoying themselves, are introduced to different norms, values and manners in a new social environment. They do not always acquire these skills within the family. 

Sport can make the difference to a child G&M
Ginella Zerbo (left) and Monique Maks, ambassador and director respectively of Youth Sport Fund

‘Sometimes the home situations are very demanding,’ says Monique Maks, director of Youth Sport Fund. ‘Sport can make the difference to any child. Being a member of a sports club is a kind of cornerstone in life, where children get the chance to develop socially, mentally and also physically.’ Increasing poverty and the rise in the number of requests that reach Youth Sport Fund underline the importance of the work. ‘If the Youth Sport Fund wasn’t there, many children wouldn’t be able to join a sports club.’

Sport can make the difference to a child JSF

TenCate Grass reaffirms the aims of Youth Sport Fund and wants to offer those children without the wherewithal a chance to do sport and experience the pleasure of playing sports together. ‘We feel it important to contribute to enabling children to play sports,’ says Antoine Engels, area sales manager of TenCate Grass and contact person on behalf of TenCate for both Youth Sport Fund and the Cruyff Foundation. ‘That children can play sports on synthetic turf is fine, but here we’re not concerned with supplying synthetic turf fields. Besides, the installation of such fields is handled via tenders for municipalities. For us, it’s a question of facilitating and mobilising children and neighbourhoods.’

Sport can make the difference to a child GZ

Ginella Zerbo is a hockey star and ambassador for Youth Sport Fund. She started hockey when she was six and now plays for Jong Oranje, the Dutch junior team. She has also played one year in the Dutch women’s team and in 2014 she took part in the Youth Olympics in Nanjing (China). In addition, she trains girls of 10 to 12 years old. 'Children learn to lose and acquire a sense of responsibility. You see some children already taking the lead. They show team commitment and don’t want to be late. That’s why sport is so important for them. If you take part in sport from a young age, you become a bit more mature.’

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