Winter 2016

A new product is available for application in clinical and home care: the Escape-Sheet®. This evacuation cloth is manufactured by Escape Mobility Company and is based on TenCate Tecawork™. 

In a case of emergency, those who can’t leave their beds independently are moved (evacuated) with the help of a stretcher or another aid. The Escape-Sheet® is available for just such a situation. A mattress underlain with this evacuation cloth can be quickly transformed into an evacuation mattress. By using the strong safety straps under the mattress, both patient and bed clothes are secured and transportation becomes easy.  

escape sheet 132

The Escape-Sheet® is antistatic, water-repellent and suitable for any mattress thickness. 'Often bedridden people cannot be evacuated sitting up’, says Falco Stultiens. ‘This is where an Escape-Mattress® or een Escape-Sheet® can be used.’ So for every (bedridden) patient an evacuation aid is directly available. 
Naturally, there should be sufficient assistance on hand to manage the Escape-Sheet®. 

escape sheet 125

The reactions received by the company are positive. ‘Since we devote time and energy to the customers, it is clear what they can expect. We do notice that operators find moving the evacuees quite demanding.’  

The basis of the Escape-Sheet® is TenCate Tecawork™. For decades, TenCate Tecawork™ fabrics have been worn by professionals in hospitals, care institutions and medical practices.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)