Winter 2016

The total solution Field in a box™ enables companies, institutions and organisations to make a contribution to society in line with their policy for corporate social responsibility (CSR). Entrepreneurship and commercial initiative can be effectively combined with CSR. According to Frank van den Wall Bake, authority in the field of sports sponsorship, every self-respecting company should be interested in this system.

Frank van den Wall Bake has a sponsorship consulting agency and a ‘passion for sport and communication’. He has over thirty years’ experience in the organisation of sporting events and sports sponsorship, and has been actively involved in all the major tournaments of the Royal Dutch Hockey Association, in particular the 1998 Hockey World Championships. As co-presenter of an All Sport radio programme on internet, he came across Field in a box™. ‘It is new, creative and distinctive,’ says Frank van den Wall Bake. ‘It responds to the wishes of many people, countries and organisations that have insufficient logistic and financial resources for a sports field. Here you have a ready-to-use product – and that certainly gets my support!’

frank van den wall bake
Frank van den Wall Bake 
‘You should complement what is actually in the container. We in the West have the necessary knowledge and competence to deal with this; African countries do not. Service and technical support are important. You have to make sure that things can’t be wrecked by louts – that has to be built into the concept. Although you can train people to be managers, often in developing areas they have not been naturally instilled with the commitment to protect such facilities.'

‘You need an infrastructure and facilities to do sport, and that’s certainly where the future lies. My advice is to try to create partnerships with companies such as Adidas and Nike. Then you can fill the container with clothes, shoes, sticks and balls, offering a complete package in countries where people are predominantly poor. Such partnerships with companies that have already earned their spurs in the field of sport will ensure more heft, more impact. Then doors presently closed will be wide open for you. Every self-respecting company currently has a CSR agenda, and must in principle be interested in this concept, depending on whether it is compatible with its CSR objectives. Many firms that want to do business with third world countries will – no, must – pick up on this concept. Then they’ll be welcomed with open arms by the leaders over there.’ 

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