Winter 2016

‘Movement is the key to success’

The Field in a box™ system connects sport with social, educational and economic objectives. It is a basis for personal, social and economic development in deprived areas and, in addition, fosters the promotion of a sport. Jacques Brinkman, former top Dutch hockey player, is ambassador for the system. ‘I’m 100% behind the concept.’ 

As a business-to-business concept, the Field in a box™ system forms a physical platform that enables companies, foundations, and national and international government authorities with a CSR budget to deliver a business-to-consumer contribution to society. Box full of hopes and dreams© is a social platform aimed at consumers for partnerships with non-government organisations (NGOs), sports associations and local government authorities. As system supplier, TenCate is responsible for the good sport-technical characteristics of the field. Other companies can install the system or have it installed.

jacques brinkman
Jacques Brinkman (photo: Klaas Jan van der Wey/KJPhotography)

Jacques Brinkman is a former top Dutch hockey player and holds the record as Holland’s most capped player. ‘For me, there’s something about sport and children. Then I came into contact with TenCate, Field in a box™ and Box full of hopes and dreams©, and I wanted to be involved. There was already a link between hockey and TenCate, so it was a logical step for me to become an ambassador. I have a positive-critical attitude but could not find a single flaw in the concept. I’m 100% behind it.’  

Helping the sport further along
‘The moment you install a field, you can help the sport further along. For countries such as India, the installation of a synthetic turf field is a big investment, which is why so few fields have been laid. The connection with the world’s top teams has therefore been lost. What’s more, although India has remained successful in cricket, this is not the case in hockey ... just like Pakistan. People then turn their backs on the sport. Field in a box™ provides a good basis as well as a springboard for more synthetic turf fields in the region concerned. An additional advantage is that I can promote hockey worldwide.'

As ambassador for Field in a box™ and Box full of hopes and dreams©, Jacques Brinkman actively mobilises his network. He himself heads the trading company Holland Hockey House and has many contacts within the business world. According to him, both concepts are interesting for companies. ‘Certainly if they’re talking about vitality, sustainability and corporate social responsibility – their responsibility towards the rest of the world. Then this is something fine and lasting. The system is still quite young, and things won’t happen automatically. Everyone can join in. You’ll step on no toes; there’s no question of exclusivity. What we have here is a win-win situation. With sports and games you always have winners. And that also goes for Field in a box.’  

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)