Winter 2016

TenCate Geotube® technology was used in the installation of two jetties at the Casa Blanca Club beach resort (Ecuador) on the Pacific Ocean. The core was covered with a layer of riprap, thus creating two stormproof jetties. The decision to opt for geotextiles produced a reduction both in costs and in environmental impact. 

The Casa Blanca Club beach resort lies approximately 160 kilometers to the north-west of the capital Quito (Ecuador) on the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to its location, tropical climate and white sandy beaches, it is a favorite vacation resort, primarily used by residents of Quito. 

geosynthetics casa blanca once
At the Casa Blanca Club before construction of jetties

In order to provide sufficient facilities for pleasure boats, it was decided to create a yacht harbor and this required the building of two parallel jetties of some 250 meters in length. The harbor (Nautical Club Stella Maris Marina) between the northern and southern jetty gives access via a short navigational channel to a 20,000 m2 natural lagoon. The construction was carried out in two stages. 

4 geosynthetics casa blanca 030426
The situation 26 April 2003

Working from the coast, TenCate® Geotube containers were filled in place, one by one, to serve as the core of the two jetties. After the placing of yet another container – the top of a total of three layers – these were then covered with rock. In this way the jetties ‘grew’ as it were into the ocean. A total of 71 tubes were filled, varying in length from 22 to 44 meters, and with a circumference of 13.70 meters. By filling them with a total of more than 15,000 m3 of sand, dredged from the channel, a high jetty core, 1.8 m to 2.0 meters high, was gradually created. 

geosynthetics casa blanca 030528
28 May 2003 - the jetties ‘grew’ as it were into the ocean

And yet another 20,000 m3 of sand dredged from the northern jetty was used to reclaim 5,000 m2 of usable land. The construction of the two jetties took two months to complete. There was an additional benefit of the design and construction of the TenCate Geotube® core jetties. The beach that is to the south of the marina and in front of the resort was stabilized from longshore erosion that had plagued the resort for years prior to the construction of the jetties.   

geosynthetics casa blanca 030605
Construction works 5 June 2003

geosynthetics casa blanca 2006
The yacht harbor in 2006

geosynthetics casa blanca 1090435
One of the benefits of the marina breakwater structures was the creation of a wide beach in front of the resort

Watch the video of the resort.

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