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TenCate ABDS@ active blast countermeasure system

The major risk factor in demand for TenCate products is the level of government expenditure. The number of customers may be limited, even in the industrial market.

In some market groups products are developed for adjacent markets, reducing the dependence on government budgets and dominant customers. By building flexibility into cost structures, it is possible to offset the consequences of a drop in demand to a certain extent. 


There is never any guarantee that substantial development expenditure will yield results. Nevertheless, substantial sums are devoted to research and development because the future of TenCate as a materials technology group depends on technological progress. Measures are agreed with the management, on the basis of the TenCate business model and the SWOT analyses, with a view to early identification of market opportunities and limitation of the risks associated with research and development. TenCate participates in various innovation and knowledge networks.  

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