Safe waste storage Laogang

Safe storage of waste Shanghai

The municipality of Shanghai has about 23 million inhabitants. Along with their daily business separate waste impressive off. One of the landfill for waste that lies in Laogang. Partly thanks to the use of TenCate Mirafi ® is safe and durable storage.

Shanghai is one of four municipalities in China with a status equivalent to that of a province. The municipality of Shanghai has a total area of ​​6,340 km ² (30 x Amsterdam) and a population of about 23 million (density per 3,270 km ²). This makes Shanghai in terms of population the largest city in the world. It is also the largest economic center of China.

Such a city produces annually more than 10 million tons of municipal waste, two-thirds by industry and one third of households. Part of the waste is recycled, another disappears into landfills. One is located in Laogang (Nanhui District), about 60 km from downtown Shanghai. The landfill is located near the shore, covers 360 hectares and has a landfill capacity of more than 34 million tons of waste. Every day 6300 tons of waste are deposited. Such a landfill must meet international standards and local Chinese regulations. Problem: the soft clay bottom. Therefore, the base features a special lining with two qualities TenCate Mirafi® filter fabric.

A first stabilizing layer TenCate Mirafi® rests on the soft soil. Interfacing includes, among other geomembranes and drainage nonwovens. These are covered with a lighter quality TenCate Mirafi® filter fabric.

Material photo - TenCate TopTex™