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Developments in synthetic turf systems

Developments in synthetic turf systems

TenCate Grass is the global market leader in the field of synthetic turf fibres. The company has been at the cutting edge of research and development since the earliest years of synthetic turf, backing and infill. TenCate Grass has a range of fibres specially developed for a variety of sports and for landscaping. Synthetic turf fibres of TenCate Grass are noted for their specific performance characteristics, such as playability, resilience and durability.

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Together with partners in the industry, TenCate Grass aims to pursue a system approach. The partners in the design team are constantly pushing back the boundaries of the possibilities in synthetic turf systems. Research and development are of paramount importance.

Cooperation between the partners and research institutes under the coordination of TenCate Grass, provides synthetic turf systems with the highest possible quality and the longest lifespan. This gives players confidence in playing characteristics. Thanks to the interaction between the different components, the Two Dimension Pro system is one of the very latest evolutions in the world of soccer.

The unique composition of the components determines the playing characteristics, even over a period of several years. The improved technological aspects include: manufacturability of the synthetic turf pitch, installation possibilities, measurability of pitch impact, safety, durability and reuse.

System approach

Synthetic grass system

TenCate Monoslide   TenCate Tapeslide

Synthetic turf fiber(1) A combination of the TenCate Monoslide™ Pro and TenCate Tapeslide™ XT synthetic turf fibers

Infill TenCate I-Smart

(2) A 15mm thick san layer and 14mm of TenCate I-Smart Pro® infill

TenCate Thiobac Pro Backing TenCate Thiobac

The TenCate Thiobac® Pro backing on which the synthetic turf fibres are tufted

Sekisui Sports-Layer (4) The Sekisui Sports-Layer is an elastic foam layer of 14mm

Intelligent sensors (5) Remote controlled measurement with the aid of intelligent sensors and software of INTRON

TenCate Polyfelt geosynthetic fleece TenCate Polyfelt

(6) The TenCate Polyfelt® geosynthetic fleece serves a stabilization surface

Broken lava (7) The layer of broken lava is 10 cm high

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)