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Padel court in Madrid

Padel court in Madrid

Technograss installed a new, revolutionary padel court at Real Club de Tenis López Maeso in Madrid. The system is developed by TenCate Grass and Technograss. The carpet is tufted with the highest possible density and the selection of TenCate XP Blade™ results in a great leap forward in synthetic turf durability and playability. Based on a proprietary process, TenCate XP Blade™ does not split and is therefore an excellent choice for intensively used fields.

Padel (or padel tennis) is especially popular in Spain and Latin America. It is played on a court divided in two by a net as in tennis, but this court has walls and balls can be played off them as in the game of squash. The racquet resembles a giant table tennis bat. It is made of rubber and perforated to reduce air resistance.

It is expected that more than 1,500 padel courts will be installed in Spain this year, approximately 500 of these by Technograss. Unlike in other sports, there have been no significant developments in the quality or playability of padel systems over the past decades. That’s why both TenCate Grass and Technograss decided that the time had come to introduce a new system that was more attractive to the eye and offered increased playability and durability. TenCate tested the system thoroughly and Technograss found a high-profile location to install the first system.

Real Club de Tenis López Maeso is an exclusive tennis and padel club in Madrid. Perhaps you remember López Maeso, the former Spanish tennis professional? He is now a tennis reporter for television. According to him and other club members, the playability of the new system is excellent. ‘The ball bounce is perfect, and the carpet is soft to the touch and easy to maintain.’ The installers of Technograss were delighted as well: the new system is much easier to install.

Manuel J. Pérez (managing director Technograss) recently presented the new system at a sports floor summit at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His presentation aroused considerable interest among the many installers and padel club members in the crowd. According to Manuel Pérez, the new system is set fair to achieve a commercial success that matches its sporting success.

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)