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KG-1 Concept

KG-1 Concept

In the Dutch Design Lounge the KG-1 Concept is presented by KesselsGranger DesignWorks (Eindhoven, NL) in cooperation with IPO Rotterdam. This sports car was designed around the human body. The driver sits in an active position, the passenger in a passive one. The semi-integral body and frame can be produced using carbon fibre-reinforced material. This light, strong composite offers considerable savings in weight and greater mechanical strength. It is already being used in the structural parts of, for instance, ultra-light racing bicycles.

KG-1 Concept drawingA mesh of protective fibre is stretched around the composite frame like a second skin. It is sufficiently elastic, and yet extremely strong. This high-tech textile can already offer numerous functional characteristics. It can for instance be made water-repellent, dirt-repellent, heat-resistant, fire-retardant, UV-stable and perforation-resistant. It can also be provided with high visibility characteristics or even a luminous capability.

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One of the fist design sketches

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)