Sustainable innovation

The aim of innovation is to secure the constant, sustainable growth of TenCate as a company through change (being improvement or renewal). Where this relates to sustainable innovation, this change should be expressed in higher revenues or in higher added value. This ambition lies in the company’s pursuit of continuity (sustainability through a long-term approach and operation). 
Sustainable cooperation with other partners in the value chain is an important success factor in sustainable innovation. In numerous partnerships and (open or closed open) innovation centres, TenCate is actively engaged in developing and producing sustainable solutions. 
Sustainable innovation is by definition centred on people and their environment: externally, for example end-users and stakeholders; internally, for example employees and those developing and implementing sustainable innovation. Knowledge plays a key role both internally and externally: on the one hand in renewal (knowledge creation) and on the other hand in the attainment (knowledge management) of sustainable innovation. 
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