Technical Notes

General Technical Documents

Seaming of Geotextiles Download PDF
Filtration and Drainage Download PDF
Durability of High Strength Geotextiles Download PDF
Effects of Slack Correction on Tensile Stiffness of Geotextiles Download PDF
Retention Ability of Geotextiles Download PDF
Determination of the Long Term Properties for Mirafi® PET-Series Reinforcement Geotextiles by GRI-GT7 and NCMA Guidelines Download PDF
Understanding Geotextiles - Minimum Roll Value Download PDF
Geotextile Opening Size Download PDF
UV Durability of TenCateTM Geosynthetics Download PDF
Mirafi® BXG11 Meets FHWA Requirements for Geogrids Download PDF

Roadway / Railway Construction Documents

Mirafi® and AASHTO M288 Download PDF
Modulus Characteristics of Geosynthetics used in Roadway Construction Download PDF
Geosynthetic Reinforcement of the Aggregate Base/Sub-base of Pavement Structures Download PDF
MPV Applications Over Milled Surfaces Download PDF
Discussion of: "Design Method for Geogrid-Reinforced Unpaved Roads: I Development of Design Method"  by JP Giroud and Jie Han Download PDF
Long Term Performance using Separation Geotextiles Download PDF
Benefits of Subgrade Stabilization using Geosynthetics vs Lime Treated Soil Download PDF
Important Physical Properties for Paving Fabrics Download PDF
Greenville County 10 Year Study Download PDF
Defining, Understanding, and Quantifying Separation & Reinforcement Download PDF
Proper Installation of Paving Fabric Interlayers when placed prior to Chip Seal Download PDF
HP-Series Multiaxial Performance Download PDF

Mechanically Stabilized Earth Documents

Determination of the Long Term Properties for Miragrid Reinforcement Geogrids by NCMA Guidelines Download PDF
Facing Options for Reinforced Steepened Slopes Download PDF
Segmental Block Retaining Walls with Combination Geogrid & Anchor Reinforcements Download PDF
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