TenCate Performance Composites

The TenCate Performance Composites group focuses solely on industrial thermoplastic applications utilizing engineering grade thermoplastic unitapes and laminates.   TCPC is an integral part of TenCate Advanced Composites. TCPC provides thermoplastic unitapes and laminates using nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonate/ABS and PET resins.


Our composite materials can be found in over 100 million pairs of shoes worldwide and under the feet of more than 5 million patients who require podiatric correction. Additionally, TenCate composites are used for high performance braces in the orthopedic profession. Our composites are worn by all-star professional athletes, people who run 10K’s, shoot hoops, try to break par, and climb mountains because they are there.

TenCate's proprietary technology has advantages over other thermoplastic technologies in the method that the materials are produced, which leads to greater consistency and accuracy. TenCate composites have high durability with excellent damping and shock attenuation and resiliency, which results in enhanced energy return (spring) and response. TenCate composites provide superior stability and support, yet are lightweight and thin enough to minimize weight to reduce fatigue and stress.


TCPC materials are also found in consumer electronics, energy/oil & gas, medical, automotive and recreational applications. The thermoplastic matrices deliver value in that they offer impact performance to fire retardency to low cost to high strain. As such, they deliver value in applications where replacing metals would provide weight savings and additional benefits like resistance to corrosion or resistance to solvents.

TenCate Performance Composites Locations

  • Camarillo, CA - Focus on high volume producer of TenCate CFRT® thermoplastic laminates and components.
  • Burlington Ontario Canada - Producer of low cost TenCate CFRT® uni-directional (UD) tape.
  • Guangzhou, China - A Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) established to manufacture components and value added assemblies from TenCate CFRT® Materials.
Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)