1 April 2016

Top football player Danny van Bakel brand ambassador of GreenFields in Vietnam

Danny van Bakel kicked off his career in 2002 with the Dutch first division club Helmond Sport. In 2011 he signed a contract with the Vietnamese club Bình Dương FC. Two years later he joined Đồng Nai FC. The following year he was recruited by Thanh Hóa FC, where the defender has become a fan favourite.
‘The fact that Danny is a professional player who continuously aims to improve his skills and also the quality of Vietnamese football in general, makes him the perfect partner of GreenFields’, says James Bach, Business Development Manager of GreenFields for South East Asia. 

Consistency and safety 
Most clubs in the V-League, the Vietnamese football competition, have implemented extremely intensive training programmes. Training sessions typically take place on the main field with natural grass. These fields are subjected to overuse resulting in bald patches and an inconsistent surface.  ‘I have played on several high quality synthetic turf fields in the Netherlands and I now really appreciate the consistency and safety of these fields. I strongly believe that in the near future a large number of clubs in Vietnam will replace their natural turf fields with high-grade synthetic turf. In my opinion all professional football players in Vietnam should have a chance to play on a field of GreenFields in order for them to realize how a good quality field can contribute to the success of the game. Synthetic turf pitches are perfect in all weather conditions, allowing the fields to be used even more and the youth teams to improve faster.’

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)