12 February 2016

R&D at TenCate Grass: ‘The sportsperson is key’

Within TenCate Grass, Turf Systems Development R&D is responsible for the development of the synthetic turf systems for GreenFields and TigerTurf across the world. Bart Wijers is head of Turf Systems Development R&D. Over many years his department has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience relating to the development and production of components for synthetic turf systems, and work is being carried out continuously on improving these. The components, such as synthetic turf fibre, carpet design, shock pad, infill and combinations of these, determine performance, characteristics, consistency and sustainability. The subsoil, the construction and the maintenance of the pitch also play an important part in the performance of the pitch in both the short and the long term.

grass bart wijers
Bart Wijers

During the research and development work, the sportsperson is of key importance for TenCate Grass, says Bart Wijers. ‘Sport-technical performance and the sportsperson’s perception are of added value whatever sport is being played. In this we are unique. And, of course we do not lose sight of playability, comfort or consistency.

TenCate Grass also looks at the reuseability of materials, such as the shock pad, and at the potential for as much reuse as possible at the end of their service life. ‘There are three  things that are really important here: sport performance, consistency and reusability.’

A more detailed article will be published in the upcoming edition of txtures.
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