29 November 2016

Out now: txtures Winter 2016

This year's winter edition has 64 pages and deals with the activities of all market groups of TenCate. Summaries of the articles can be read in our web version. Included too is the editor's note.

The summaries deal with projects with geosynthetics in Finland and Ecuador, with TenCate Grass and GreenFields in the United Kingdom and Japan, the Advanced Composites and Advanced Armour group and the use of our protective fabrics in Belgium and Slovakia. TenCate Outdoor Fabrics showed a 'wooden tent', authorities in sports give their opinion about Field in a box™ and Youth Sport Fund welcomes the cooperative agreement with TenCate Grass. And there's much more in this magazine...

Interested in reading the full magazine? We have a PDF for you. 

Printed copies can be obtained via royal@tencate.com and by calling +31 546 544911

Blue fabric (Tecawork Blue 65287)